Gardening Club

Welcome to Soil & Seeds
'Soil & Seeds' have been working hard to earn the RHS School Gardening Awards. We have already been awarded level 1 & 2 (the certificates are proudly displayed in the reception area) out of the possible 5 levels and we are currently working towards level 3. To achieve level 3 we need to; encourage wildlife to the garden, grow simple fruits, vegetables and flowers, re-use many things and show an understanding of composting. The young gardeners have been thinking about the birds during the recent cold weeks, by making some multi seed bars. 
I am very pleased to report that the Woodside Junior gardening club, now named 'Soil & Seeds' is going from strength to strength.
During the academic year between September 2016 to July 2017, we have laid four raised beds, invested in a small grow house to safely grow seedlings in and a grow tunnel. 
We have successfully grown from seed carrots, beetroots, broad beans and radish. We also attempted parsnips and cauliflowers, sadly they were not as successful. 
This year we are hoping to focus on herbs and to create a wild flower bed to attract nature, alongside growing some wonderful vegetables and fruit. 
Last year, we were very lucky to have families very generously donate compost, bulbs, manure, various seeds and tools. Soils & Seeds would like to say a HUGE heart felt THANK YOU, as it has made a great difference to our club and to what we produce. 
We can't wait to get started again this year. 
In July 2016, the local schools and nurseries were invited to take part in the Amersham in Bloom Commonwealth Planter Competition. Each school was given three commonwealth countries to choose from to inspire the design of the planter. Our young gardeners chose beautiful FIJI - the stunning beach sunsets, palm trees and colourful hibiscus gave us plenty of great ideas. We were more than pleased with the final result and so were the judges. We were awarded SILVER!