Governor Profiles

Alon Moss
Parent governor (appointed)
Link role: finance liaison
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: Computer science, computer hardware and software, communications systems, project management, and business adminstration and development. Currently a technology, strategy and business development consultant for multi-national organisations.
When not governing: Enjoys classical music, chess, technology, history, and serving as dad to two teenage children.
Jack Gocher
Co-opted governor
Link role: history & geography; diversity; PE
Interests declared: close personal relationship with staff member; provider of Forest School activity
Expertise/experience: PR, in which he runs his own business focusing on the computer software and digital printing marketplaces, and has worked in a wide range of industries from lightbulbs to language learning.
When not governing: Enjoys football, cricket, being a parent of teenage boys, helping with Chiltern youth projects and the Street Kids Direct charity (including Radio Christmas), and helping in many ways at Woodside (including running the football club).
Rumku Owen
Co-opted governor
Link role: science; SMSC; PSHE; RE
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: Law, maths, science, phsychology and humanities; government policy-making and implementation and as a government legal policy advisor. Qualified solicitor.
When not governing: Enjoys crafts, writing, reading, family life.
Sara Galli
Co-opted governor
Link role: languages; finance liaison
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: Accountancy; auditing in commercial and not-for-profit sectors, including charities, insurance brokers and Grant Maintained schools; graduate recruitment; software user support; staff appraisal system development.
When not governing: Enjoys science and natural history, genealogy, history, gardening, and reading – especially fiction and historical non-fiction.
Stuart Smith
Co-opted governor
Chair of governing body
Link role: child protection; health & safety
Interests declared: member of governing body at Waterside Combined, Chesham
Expertise/experience: Applied maths, aerodynamics and thermodynamics; government policy making, regulation and law enforcement. Chair of Buckinghamshire Association of School Governors. Member of the Buckinghamshire School Governance Consultative Board.
When not governing: Enjoys cycling, swimming, cinema, cookery and reading anything.
Sue Tate
Local Authority governor (nominated by LA and appointed by governing body)
Chair of Curriculum Committee
Link role: literacy; deployment of teaching assistants; pupil premium
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: Business information technology and specialist educational fields. Formerly a programme leader at the Training and Development Agency for schools with responsibility for workforce development and professional standards and qualifications for teachers and support staff. Now a freelance consultant specialising in research, evaluation and qualifications in the education sector.
When not governing: Enjoys literacy and reading and is a few years into to a plan to walk the coast of Britain.
Anna Harvey
Parent governor (appointed)
Chair of Resources Committee
Link role: website; computing education
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience:  Engineering and project management in mobile phone networks and the UK electricity transmission networks. Chartered Engineer and Project Management Professional with the Association of Project Managers. Currently a Project Manager at a local mobile telecoms company which is a joint venture between two of the UK mobile network operators.
When not governing: Being a parent to two children (both currently at Woodside), coaching football with a local community club, running and photography.
Jane Hayward
Co-opted governor
Link role: inclusion (including SEND); outdoor learning
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: Fully qualified Independent Educational Psychologist who runs her own private practice. Currently works in a variety of Local authority and Independent schools. Prior to this had over 10 years local authority experience as a specialist psychologist. Whole school work has included delivering In- Service Training (INSET), using systems psychology, writing school policy and advising the LEA on specialist educational provision as well as assessment and intervention work with children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
When not governing: Loves playing all sports (especially running, cycling and swimming) including winter sports; spending time with family and friends; eating chocolate and cake!
Angela Maragna
Parent Governor (elected)
Link role: maths; governor development
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: Change, performance and programme manager working within the NHS, currently helping Trusts by providing an independent view which identifies opportunities for them to improve and become more efficient. Prior experience of working as a management consultant delivering a variety of programmes and organisational changes both at a local and national level. Has worked in various sectors including Investment Banking, the entertainment sector plus was Project Director of a homeless charity (Emmaus) for a number of years.
When not governing: Enjoys tennis, swimming, Zumba plus spending time with friends and family. Has two children, one at Woodside and one at St George's.
Jeung Lee
Co-opted governor
Link role: tba
Interests declared: none
Expertise/experience: strategic planning, resource allocation and planning, a Prince 2 qualified project manager, Continuous Improvement practitioner and facilitator, environmental management, sustainability, sociology, health and illness, research impact.
When not governing: enjoys going to art galleries and classical music concerts, visiting historical sites, horse riding, baking and a passionate lover of herbal tea and coffee

Dorota Milner Head Teacher

Samantha Maslen (Deputy Head Teacher) Staff Governor

Jillian Davis ( Learning Support Leader) Associate Member