Strategic Priorities for 2017 -2018

The aim of this plan is to secure pupils’ academic achievement and personal development.

The School Improvement Plan sets out specific Action Plans for the year ahead (2016-2017).

The Plan is developed through discussion with major stakeholders.  It is informed by School Self-evaluation. School Self-evaluation may also lead to amendment of the plan during the year. The Plan is reviewed termly. 

We hope you find it helpful and informative.  If you have any comments - please email me:

Dorota Milner


Background Information

The material in this plan arrives from two directions, referred to here as 'strategic' and 'operational’. Our aspirations and Mission Statement act as the framework for our School Plan.  All members of the school community take account of the school's vision when implementing improvements and shaping future direction of the school.  From the strategic direction the plan sets out a vision of Woodside Junior School as we would like it to be, with a structure of intermediate steps designed to realise it.  Not everything can be done at once, but a practicable set of priority objectives has been selected, linked to relevant components of the vision. The priority objectives are expressed in broad and un-quantified terms, but lead on to more precise subordinate targets and actions with timescales and outcomes that can be measured or tested.


From the operational direction the plan comprises subject-specific plans assembled by subject leaders. These register with the strategic plan and are designed to further it as far as possible, though they may also contain localised objectives of their own. They are not intended to give an exhaustive account of everything done by the school. They do not, for example, repeat the elements of the National Curriculum. However, they do specify activities to be carried out, at an appropriate level of operational detail, where it is necessary or useful to do so - notably for discretionary elements of the school's unique curriculum.  The plan will roll forward and be adapted continually as developments take place. It is also intended to be adjusted in the light of experience with the aim of making it a working document of practical value, and all staff and stakeholders should comment freely with that in mind. It will not, of course, be retro-fitted merely to make any outcome appear to be what was intended, and its successive versions will form part of an audit trail genuinely reflecting the progress being made by the school.