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Welcome to Soil & Seeds
Autumn term 2019
Soils & Seeds have been out in the cold preparing the raised beds for the winter season. We have removed all the lovely pumpkins and cleared the beds. 3 out of our 5 raised beds have been put to bed. zzzzzzzzzzz  This means that they have been cleared, the soil has been turned and covered with a black breathable fabric, which will help prevent most things from growing, especially the unwanted weeds. 
With the help of  Mrs Green and Mrs MulQueen, Soil and Seeds helped to prepare the pumpkins and donated vegetables to make 3 yummy soups, for our first ever BIG SOUP SHARE.  Thank you to all the children who lined up at break time to buy their cup of warm delicious soup. We raised a HUGE £55, which will go towards the renovation of the school pond. 
We are now planning to germinate a variety of vegetable seeds in our amazing plastic bottle greenhouse.  We will definitely be thinking about the best vegetables to grow, to make into the most delicious soups!
Watch this space for updates.
'Soil & Seeds' have been working hard to earn the RHS School Gardening Awards. We have already been awarded level 1 & 2 (the certificates are proudly displayed in the reception area) out of the possible 5 levels and we are currently working towards level 3.
To achieve level 3 we need to; encourage wildlife to the garden, grow simple fruits, vegetables and flowers, re-use many things and show an understanding of composting.
Are you wondering what to plant and when? 
If you are, please click on the link below for the recommended planting calendar, by the RHS.