Until October 2019 Woodside Junior School was a community school and followed the admission arrangements set by Buckinghamshire council Council Local Authority (LA). The school will continue to follow these arrangements until September 2022 when the governors and/or the Trust, may decide to make changes. If there are more applications received than the places available at the school then the places will be allocated within the primary scheme in accordance with the published oversubscription criteria for the school. Details for dates for timely applications and how late applications are handled are given in the primary scheme parents guide on the LA website. Parent/guadian (see notes) wishing to apply for a Year 3 place in September 2021 must complete the common application form provided by their home local authority (the home LA). The home LA is the LA in whose area the parent(s) live at the time of application. The form must be returned to that LA no later than 15 January 2021. Applications received after this date will normally only be considered after all those received on or before the cut off date. Officers and refusals of places will be posted by the home LA on 16 April 2021.

We welcomed 61 new children into Year 3 September 2019. Currently our Published Admission Number (PAN) is 60 in Year 3 starting in Sept 2019.. The process for applications is through the Buckinghamshire County Council website - a link to admissions is below. Woodside Junior School's DfES number is 8252143

Questions regarding this admission should be directed to Bucks County Council Admissions Team. Please contact them in the first instance by using their 'Contact Us' form which can be found at or clicking on the link below.

Applications for in-year transfers to Woodside Junior School should also be made to the Admissions Team at Bucks County Council. 

Please see a link to the current map of the catchment area for the school, a hard copy can also be seen in the school office. It is in line with the area for St. George’s Infant School. The area includes: Lincoln Park and Hundred Acres Estate, the top of Stanley Hill Avenue, Highlands Road and The Drive, Woodside Road as far as Hyrons Close, Plantation Road as far as Mitchell Walk and White Lion Road as far as White Lion Close and Lane End Close. We welcome applications from those living outside the catchment area.You are welcome to visit the school prior to your child's admission and this can be arranged via the school office.

We have an 'open morning', for our prospective Year 3 pupils, which is usually during the month of September. Please refer to our calendar on the school website. In-year admissions visits to the school -please contact the school office on 01494 725897