Community Events.

As a school we benefit greatly from being a central part of the local community.  We value our place in the community and the contribution we make to it.  Each year we take part in a number of events and this page demonstrates just some of the most recent activities participated by our pupils. 
Amersham Carnival
Our staff and pupils take part in Amersham Carnival on a regular basis. Carnival is a whole community event organised by the Amersham Town Council. We are very pleased to announce that Woodside School secured 2nd place in the last Procession.  Our theme was rain forests.  Staff, pupils and parents worked tirelessly to produce fantastic costumes.
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Amersham Christmas Festival 
Our choir took part in Amersham Christmas Festival.  It was a fantastic day for the people and businesses of Amersham. Thousands of people enjoyed music, dancing, singing as well as food, gifts and games.  This event culminated in the switching on of the Christmas lights.  Woodside has been awarded a special commendation by the Amersham Action Group as the only school to regulalry participate in the above event.  
Please have a look at the webpage link for further details:
Amersham in Bloom
During  summer 2016 our pupils took part in Amersham in Bloom initiative, where children had to design a flower bed.  We are very proud to announce that our team of young designers won the 1st place.  Our winning design for the Amersham in Bloom 'Design a Flower Bed' competition is on display in Old Amersham - outside Amber's clothes shop. 
Grandparents' Day
This very special day offers our grandparents a chance to catch a glimpse of their grandchild’s learning, meet his or her classmates as well as teachers. Every year we invite grandparents to come to our school and participate in learning and fun activities.  We coincide this with our Remembrance Day.  Grandparents always enjoy a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake (or two) served by their grandchildren!
Christmas Carols
Our choir takes part in the the regular carol concerts.  Last year our pupils performed at St. Mary's church in Amersham and this year at Kings Church.  Miss Richer is responsible for our choir.  Additionally, our school participates in the Community Carol Service attended by local councilors
Mayor Competition -Christmas Cards
Very pleased to announce that two of our previous pupils won 2nd and 3rd prize in the above competition. Well done to Matylda Baldowska and Andrew Ward.