A high quality computing education equips pupils to understand the world through logical thinking and creativity, including making links with mathematics, science and design technology.  Computing equips pupils to use information technology to create programs, system and a range of media. It also ensures that pupils become digitally literate to enable them to be active participants in a digital world.
At Woodside Junior we take pupil safety extremely seriously and therefore, in addition to the topics listed in the Overview, all pupils continually develop their understanding of how to remain safe online and when using technology through a mix of online safety lessons and ongoing learning as part of other topics.  This is also supported by work carried out in PSHE lessons and through whole school assemblies. We also take part in activities during Internet Safety Week. 
This term we have been focusing on typing skills (see link below), navigating Google Classroom and learning about how computers and networks enable us to share information.
Year 3 have learnt how to log onto the school laptops and have worked hard to learn their school email addresses and password. They have been developing quicker and more accurate typing skills. 
Year 4 have been exploring the different Google tools that they can use. They have used Drawings, Docs and Slides to create different media outcomes. They have also worked on their typing skills. 
Here are some links to computing websites that you may like to explore in your own time: