Curriculum Enrichment

At Woodside School we strongly believe that academic life of our school should include much more than what happens in the mainstream curriculum. We offer a wide range of experiences and challenges that enrich our core curriculum. This allows our pupils to learn outside the classroom and develop the skills for the world beyond the primary education. 


We achieve this through well chosen curriculum visits, workshops and topic related days. Examples of these trips include visits to the Ashmolean Museum, Science and Imperial War Museums as well as British Museum. Where possible, and practical, we use public transport to travel to London. We also personally invite visitors to the school – for example, authors, artists, parents, sports people and even mayors! 


Every summer we hold curriculum enrichment week.  This  provides an opportunity for our children to participate in enterprise, cultural, sport and art activities.  Special themes for the day include Environment Day and Diversity day. These enable students to learn thoroughly and actively through a theme. 


Our Year 3 and 6 pupils take part in Forest School and Mini Enterprise activities. Forest School, run by Mr Jack Gocher, offers our learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in the school's woodland and natural environment. Our yearly Enterprise activities, run by Stride Ventures, and sponsored by the White Lion Pub Company, helps our Year 6 pupils to develop their business and entrepreneurial skills and prepare them for life as adults. Last year our Fudge and Co business went to London to take part on the Winners Workshop. 


Our musicians take part in regular Echoes Music Concerts held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Miss Richer, our music coordinator, devotes her time to ensure that children can participate in this fantastic and once in a lifetime experience. Each summer we hold a music soiree, where our pupils showcase their talents.  These range from solo clarinets and guitarists, pianist, singers and keyboard players. This event is very popular and warmly received by all parents and carers. 


Thanks to our Sports Partnership with Dr Challoner's School, our pupils take part in many competitive sporting events.  These range from tennis, football, basketball competitions as well as swimming galas and cheer-leading. Mrs Carver,as PE lead, has worked  tirelessly to organise these events.  Additionally, our pupils are encouraged to run daily. 


The school provides many extra-curricular clubs, some run buy the class teachers and some by outside providers. Our clubs range from film, recorders, keep fit, board games, tennis, football and drawing to name the few. 


Our pupils support many charities and hold regular (always initiated by children) charity events, where children usually make, bake and sell cakes and crafts. Money raised is distributed between charities of children' choice.