Design and Technology

DT is primarily a practical subject focusing on the teaching and application of skills. Children have the opportunity to see a project through from initial ideas and designs to the final make, and are encouraged to use their technical knowledge and skills to problem solve as they make their final piece. The critical thinking and analytical skills that are needed to ensure the success of their project can be applied across the rest of the curriculum.  
Children will study three units of DT over the year including one cookery project. By the end of their time in Woodside, children will have completed 2 projects investigating structures, electrical circuits, mechanical designs and textiles, as well as a cookery project every year. This allows children to build on and develop their existing skills. Children are taught the correct and safe methods for using tools and equipment in order that they may have greater independence and autonomy when selecting the tools for a project.
Children love the creativity and invention that DT projects allow as you will see from our gallery of pictures.
For more information about the DT National Curriculum, please follow the link below.