At Woodside, we plan our English teaching so that children develop vital skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is our aim to develop all of these life skills through a range of cross curricular subjects and endeavour to embed a love of literature.

We offer a wide range of books for children to read at home and at school. As well as a  selection of fiction, poetry and information books, we subscribe to 'First News' newspaper to encourage children to read widely about global and political affairs, to help prepare them for life in modern Britain.

Our planning for English is based around themes which, where possible, link to other areas of the curriculum and incorporate a range of text types to develop both reading and writing skills. We strongly encourage writing across the curriculum to develop writing in different styles and genres. We also know that children write at their best when they write for a purpose and have a trusted audience. We therefore try and share our writing as frequently as possible if not with each other than with a wider audience. Y5 have even written to NASA!

We encourage a high standard of presentation in children’s work and believe that children should take pride in their work at all times. Children write in pencil in the lower school until they earn a 'pen licence'. All upper school children are expected to write in pen using a joined up script.

All pupils will have one lesson per week in our new school library to encourage their love of wider reading. Pupils take part in reading sessions at least four times a week, aimed at developing both their independent reading and comprehension skills.

All pupils also have the benefit of Speaking and Listening lessons when children take part in a range of activities including drama, formal presentations, poetry recital, philosophy for children and debates.