Equality and Diversity

What is equality and diversity?

Equality and diversity, sometimes called multiculturalism, is the concept of accepting and promoting people’s differences. The fundamental goal when promoting equality is to raise awareness and make sure that all individuals are treated equally and fairly. This is regardless of their age, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or race.


Our school's mission is to create an inclusive environment – a safe place without prejudice – where our pupils have the opportunity to thrive.  Children need to have an understanding of equality and human rights. This knowledge helps them to understand how they should be treated and how to treat others. When schools promote equality and teach these topics, they create a safe environment for children to challenge, discuss, explore, and form lasting values, morals, and opinions.

When children are taught to respect diversity, they gain knowledge and understanding that can help them to improve relationships, tackle prejudice, and make positive decisions throughout their lives. In today’s challenging and diverse society, it is individual school responsibility to instill  positive and open-minded attitudes.

At our school, we follow the following principles:

  • All pupils are equal regardless of their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, gender, and gender identity.
  • Differences are respected, recognised, and valued because diversity is a strength.
  • Positive relationships and attitudes are fostered throughout the school.
  • A shared sense of belonging and inclusion is encouraged.
  • We have the highest expectations for all our pupils.
  • We work hard to raise standards for all groups of pupils.
  • We challenge stereotyping and prejudice.