How is the Governing Body Structured?

There are 13 governors at Woodside. Four are parent governors elected by the parents (though a parent governor may be appointed by the governing body if no parent is nominated to fill a particular vacancy). One is nominated by the Local Authority and then appointed by the governing body. One is a staff governor elected by everyone employed at Woodside. Six are what is called 'co-opted governors' appointed by the governing body on the basis of their abillity to help the school. The head teacher is a governor by virtue of her position.

'Associate members' are appointed by the governing body but are not full governors. They attend meetings and participate in discussion but have restricted voting rights.

You can read more about the individual governors and associate members by following the link below to 'governor profiles'.

The full governing body meets once a term. We have two main committees, one dealing with learning and teaching and the other with resources and personnel. In addition we set up working groups as and when we need them to consider particular issues or subjects. Working groups may be short-lived or long-standing. Presently there are groups to study performance data in detail, to evaluate the governing body's own performance, and to examine details of the school's pay policy. Individual governors also have linkage roles for particular subjects or cross-curricular areas such as SEND provision, inclusion and diversity, use of the pupil premium and aspects of financial management.

The governing body is legally required to act as a corporate body and to take its decisions collectively. Under current rules we have to try to achieve a balance of skills and abilities overall, though it is broadly true to say that no special expertise is needed in order to become a governor. It is more important to be interested and enthusiastic, and to have the interests and success of Woodside School at heart.