Parent -School Partnership

Parents, carers and families are by far the most important influences in a child's life. Their support can play a vital role at all stages of education.  This school is committed to the belief that education works best when it is a partnership between home and school. We actively encourage and welcome parents, grandparents and carers in school.  The Headteacher and class teachers are always delighted to discuss children's progress with parents and carers.
We hold two parent -teacher consultations during the year, which give parents and carers a chance to discuss their child's progress with their class teacher and to be informed about their attainment and progress.  Parents and carers can also request to speak to the school's SENDCo as well as the Headteacher.  A less formal open evening is held during the summer term where parents and carers can discuss (if they wish) their child's report.  End of the Year Report is prepared for every child.
Mrs Milner, the Headteacher, has an 'open door' policy every Friday between 08:30 and 10:30, where parents and carers can come and discuss any aspect of their child's school life and where a prior appointment is not necessary. 
Many parents and grandparents often offer their time to come to school to work alongside children and teachers.  We warmly welcome such generous offers of help and we encourage as many parents as possible to come and help.  We particularly welcome any help with reading, swimming and practical activities such as, cooking, sewing and design technology.  Please note where adults volunteer their help on a regular basis, the school will undertake Disclosure and Barring Service checks. 
During the year parents, carers and other family members are invited to share special celebration with the children and join us for class assemblies. Your presence is always warmly welcomed. 
We distribute an annual questionnaire to parents to provide the opportunity to voice your views, suggest ideas and celebrate all achievements. We also hold regular Parents Forum meetings (evenings and daytime) where Class Representatives have an opportunity to discuss with the Senior Leadership Team any pressing issues that may affect their children's education. If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative, please e-mail the school office. 
Parents who take on a supportive role in their children’s learning make a difference in improving achievement. The active involvement of parents can help promote a learning community in which children thrive and learn. Woodside School benefits from developing positive partnerships with parents by involving them in decisions affecting their children’s education and learning. Engaging with parents gives us the chance to understand the role that parents play in their children’s learning and well-being. It is sincerely hoped that this positive and productive relationship between the school and parents will continue to thrive and develop,