Religious Education

At Woodside, RE should inspire children to learn about religions and beliefs which have influenced the lives of millions of people and heavily influenced the development of different human cultures. We take pride in ensuring that pupils can learn more about themselves and their place in the world from their study of religion and belief. RE does not seek to urge religious beliefs upon pupils, nor compromise their own beliefs. We regularly celebrate our differences in diversity through a range of external visitors celebrating and recognising religious festivals throughout the year.  

We teach religious education at Woodside according to the agreed syllabus for Buckinghamshire schools. It develops an awareness of the Christian religion and of other religions, their traditions and beliefs. A daily act of worship takes place in school that is broadly Christian in nature. Children are encouraged to consider the relationship that they may develop with the concept of self, others, nature and God. Under the 1988 Education Act parents may, if they wish, choose to withdraw their children from Religious Education and our act of worship. If you feel that you would like to do so, please discuss this with the Headteacher. Alternative provision for those pupils withdrawn from RE will be agreed with his or her parents.
December 2021 - Years 5 and 6 had an amazing time attending Radio Christmas. They shared their Christmas stories and their funny Christmas jokes live on air! 
December 2021 - Thank you for Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Carver for leading the assembly on Advent. The presentation is available to view under 'Assembly Presentations' further down the page.
December 2021 - Year 6 attended a live zoom call from the Jewish Museum. They enjoyed watching a live candle-lighting event followed by a song celebrating the Festival of Light as part of Hannukah.
November 2021- Thank you to the year 6 boys and Mrs Shah for leading the assembly on Diwali. The children enjoyed learning the importance of community during Diwali and were fascinated by the different items and props on display!
October 2021 - Year 6 enjoyed creating their own version of the John Piper's tapestry in the RE lessons linking to Symbolism

Pupils will be taught to:

  •          describe the key aspects of religions, including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, especially the people, stories and traditions that influence the beliefs and values of others
  •          describe the variety of practices and ways of life in religions and understand how these stem from, and are closely connected with, beliefs and teachings
  •          identify and begin to describe the similarities and differences within and between religions
  •          investigate the significance of religion in the local, national and global communities
  •          consider the meaning of a range of forms of religious expression, understand why they are important in religion and note links between them
  •          describe and begin to understand religious and other responses to ultimate and ethical questions
  •          reflect on what it means to belong to a faith community, communicating their own and others’ responses
  •          respond to the challenges of commitment both in their own lives and within religious traditions, recognising how commitment to a religion is shown in a variety of ways
  •          discuss their own and others’ views of religious truth and belief, expressing their own ideas
  •          reflect on ideas of right and wrong and their own and others’ responses to them
  •          reflect on sources of inspiration in their own and others’ lives.
Assembly Presentations
Important RE educational links
Important religious festivals 2021- 2022
Spring term 2022:
Mar. 2
Ash Wed, Lent begins - Christianity 
Apr. 15 - Apr. 23
Passover - Judaism
Mar. 18 - Mar. 19
Holi – Festival of Colors - Hinduism
Apr. 15
Good Friday - Christianity 
Apr. 17
Easter Christianity 
Apr. 1- May 1
Ramadan - Islam
Summer term 2022:
May 2 - May 3
Eid al-Fitr - Islam
June 4 - June 6
Shavuot - Judaism
July 9 - July 10
Eid al-Adha- Islam
Autumn term 2021:
Sep. 6 - Sep. 8
Rosh Hashanah - Judaism
Sep. 15 - Sep. 16
Yom Kippur - Judaism
Sep. 20 - Sep. 27
Sukkot - Judaism
Oct. 17 - Oct. 18
Mawlid al-Nabi - Islam
Nov. 2 - Nov, 6
Diwali - Hinduism
Nov. 28 - Dec. 6
Hanukkah - Judaism
Dec. 25
Christmas - Christianity