School Magazine

We are very lucky to have some very talented and aspiring young journalist and writers, who regularly contribute to our school magazine. Children's magazine is the ideal project for enjoying learning the craft of writing, editing and publishing. Our contributors focus on individual interests such as sport, story writing, environment - with obvious motivational benefits - while at the same time working within a clear structure to a common aim. The 'four skills' of reading, writing, listening and speaking are integrated naturally. 

Within the overall school context a magazine is excellent in providing a focus for written work: children know that a particularly effective piece of writing may be published. This potential for communication with a real audience provides motivation and encourages attention to style and accuracy. Woodside writers have a chance to practise a variety of text types - articles, reviews, letters, crosswords, cartoons, graphs and tables. Decisions about content provide a forum for discussion and negotiation. Finally, in common with all project work, learner autonomy and co-operation are fostered as children try out different roles and learn to get on with their peers. 


Hope that you enjoy reading a selection of articles written by our pupils.