Any transition be it from infant to junior school, junior to secondary school, between schools or even between year groups is important in the lives of children and their families. At Woodside Junior School we have a robust system to ensure all pupils will have a successful transition and to help them and their parents/ carers minimise anxiety about the change. We want all children and their families who choose our school to get used to their new routines and school organisation with great ease.  We also want to ensure that our Year 6 pupils settle quickly and well into their respective secondary schools.  


Transition from Junior Schools to Woodside School

All Welcome Packs are send to all feeder schools as soon as we know the names of the pupils who will be joining us in September. Our main feeder school is St. George's Church of England School in Amersham; although we also admit a small number of children from different local schools. Mrs Milner (Headteacher) and Mrs Maslen ( Deputy Headteacher) meet regulalry with Mr Long, who is the Headteacher of St. George's.  The purpose of these meetings is to formulate strategies to improve practices associated with effective key stage transition and to handover any paperwork relating to Child Protection. Additionally, Mrs Hannen (SENDCo) meets with the SENDCo from St. George's during summer term to ensure transfer of paperwork relating to any pupils with additional learning needs. 


During summer term our Year 3 Team visits St. George's School and spends morning teaching Year 2 pupils.  Afternoon is devoted to handover discussions with Year 2 Team from St. George's School. This is an opportunity for our staff to develop an understanding of the needs of the different pupils and for the children and staff to get to know each other before September. In July, the Year 2 children come to Woodside for a full day and become Year 3 pupils for the day.  During the day they take part in lessons, get to know the layout of the school, meet staff and make new friends. Additionally, a group of Year 6 pupils spend some time with each class so the children have the chance to ask them of questions about our school. Any child who may need some extra support with transition is always warmly welcomed for extra sessions at Woodside.  During summer term our PTA organises a school disco for our Year 3 pupils and Year 2 pupils, who will be joining us in September. St. George's pupils are always invited to Christmas performances. Additionally, both St. George's and Woodside schools work closely together ensuring that moderation of children's work is carried out regularly. 


For the parents and carers of pupils who joined us in September, we hold a Welcome Meeting.  At this meeting parents meet our Year 3 and Leadership Teams.  We share information about our school and parents can ask questions.  At the end of the meeting parents are able discuss any individual concerns they may have with our staff. Parents and carers are also encouraged to make an appointment to see our SENDCo or Headteacher if they have any additional worries regarding their child well-being. 


Transition from  Woodside School to Secondary Schools

A smooth transfer from Primary to Secondary school is important for children's progress and emotional well-being.  We maintain close liaison with all local Grammar and Upper schools to which most of our pupils transfer. Staff from most of the schools visit us to discuss the needs of the children and also to meet them and answer their questions.
A countywide induction day is spent during the summer term for all Year 6 pupils at their future secondary school.  


Additionally, a range of practices are put in place by Woodside and secondary schools which help to support children's transitions.  These include:  the sharing of information between schools; visits to schools by prospective teachers, children and their parents; distribution of booklets; talks at the schools and joint events between schools (where appropriate).


Occasionally, some pupils experience an increased level of anxiety when faced with transition to their secondary placements. Woodside offers bespoke programme to help children overcome these anxieties. The school uses 6 2 7 Transfer -a company headed by Mrs Fiona Kinsman.  Please visit their website, which gives parents a wealth of information regarding transition from primary to secondary sector -


 Transitions between schools

Parents and children are always welcomed to have a tour of the school by our Year 6 pupils.  Members of staff are available to answer any questions. Children's academic records are routinely transferred between respective schools. Any new pupil joining Woodside during an academic year is assigned a 'buddy' to help them to learn new routines and make new friends.