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Welcome to the Woodside Bloggers Club! My name is Jessie and I will be introducing you to the seven other members of the club.

First of all, Molly, she will be showing you how to cook some incredibly delicious recipes.

Secondly, Freya will be showing you how to make some super-fun Halloween-themed arts and crafts this month.

Next, Savannah, who will be updating you every week on her dance segment and will be letting you know about the upcoming competitions.

Then Amelia and Emilia will be telling you all about some amazing nocturnal creatures like badgers and stuff.

Lastly, Finn and Immy (Fimmy) will be letting you know about school news and any sports competitions that are coming up for our school.

'The Woodside Round-Up' by Finn & Immy
Welcome to The Woodside round up where we will be informing you on all the latest gossip at Woodside School. Some of the things we will be informing you about the latest news and upcoming exciting announcements.
Unfortunately, the boys lost 6-2 but their next match is on Monday the 8th of November. Good luck!
The girls football team won 2-1 against St. Mary's Allsaints! Well done girls!
Wildlife by The 'AEmelias'

Hi, my name is Amelia and this month I will be telling you about nocturnal wildlife. 

Nocturnal means they sleep during the day and are awake at night. The opposite of nocturnal is diurnal and that means to sleep at night and be awake in the day. Humans are diurnal.

I will be explaining a few nocturnal species in Britain, such as the owl and hedgehog. First up, the owl:


The owl is a nocturnal bird of prey with excellent eyesight and vision. In fact, its eyeballs are so long you can see them through its ear holes! This silent hunter swoops down on its prey, the soft downy feathers at the end of its wings meaning it makes no sound. It eats Mice, frogs, fish and insects. They cannot move their eyeballs and so they can swivel their heads 270 degrees! There are many types of owls, from the little owl to the eagle owl.


Next is the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are born with their spikes beneath their skin and they appear later on. Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets and hedgehogs eat snails, slugs and small mice. They hibernate throughout the winter and are very solitary animals, which only pair up to mate. You cannot give them milk, as they are lactose intolerant.


 Third, is foxes. Foxes do not hibernate, but they use their tail to keep warm in winter. They eat mice, birds and other small animals. There are quite a few types of foxes, from the fennec fox to the arctic fox to the well known red fox and more. There is also a very rare fox that lives in Britain, called the black fox. They are completely black! Foxes sleep in underground burrows that they dig themselves. In spring, their mating calls are very loud!


And finally, the badgers. Badgers also dig underground burrows. These are called badger setts. They have very strong limbs and sharp claws for digging. European badgers are actually very sociable. They live with their family for most of their lives! Badgers eat earthworms, frogs, eggs, seeds and berries. Also, they are the only animal daring enough to attack a hedgehog! 

And that is my explanation of nocturnal creatures in Britain. I hope you liked it!

In my next blog Emilia C will help.

Hi Woodsiders,

I am Molly and I am in year 6. I am one of the 8 amazing bloggers informing you on what you need to know. This month, I will be giving you a good recipe which I am sure that all of the family enjoy. This month the recipe is … ICE - CREAM CAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some photos of me making it.

 Click the pdf link to download the recipe.

Creative Crafts by Freya

Hello, my name is Freya, I am in Y6 and I am one of your bloggers. Every month (ish!) I will be posting a new blog. My blogs will be about a single craft each month and I will tell you step by step how to make it. At home in your free time, you can make the craft, following my instructions.

My crafts will mostly be random but if there is a special holiday coming up my crafts will be related to that. If you have any ideas for my next craft you can tell me at break or lunch or tell Miss Croot/Your teacher. 

I hope you like my idea as a post and I can’t wait to see if you make the crafts as well. Remember to have fun with the craft and enjoy yourself.

This week I am going to be showing you how to make a spider web and a Yarn wrapped mummy!

Click the links below for instructions.

Dance by Savannah

Hey, I am Savannah and here at Woodside I am one of the 8 members of Woodside bloggers club and I am in Year 6. In today's blog I will share with you some exciting things I am working on.

One of my favourite hobbies is dancing! What is yours? 

I love to dance because it makes me feel happy and let out all my negative energy. I thought it would be cool to share with you some awesome events that are coming up. 

We are currently working towards a big dance festival that will be held in Maidenhead which involves solos, duets, trios and troupe dances. But in order to participate, we had to audition. Auditioning can be a little scary at times but it is worth it in the end!

This year l was successful in getting a part in the duet and troupe section. We have been rehearsing every Wednesday for 6 months and we are finally ready to go out there and perform on stage in front of a large audience. I am so excited!!  

I look forward to sharing with you my experiences of the day in my next blog! Feel free to share your hobbies with us here at Woodside school.