Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 - Morris & Turner class 
Morris Class - Mrs  Webber & Mrs Randles
Turner Class - Mr Harvey-Mott & Mrs Potts 
Being named after inspirational people, Turner and Morris class are motivated to reach for the stars this year, by being collaborative, respectful, positive and proud! 

Look back here for news of our exciting trip!

During the Autumn term, we have been reading and appreciating Ancient Greek myths. Here are some of the Greek myths that we have read together; Pandora's Box, Icarus, King Midas and Theseus and the Minotaur. To encourage the children to become fully immersed in the text, they have participated in a range of drama activities which included writing and performing dramatic monologues, devising group freeze frames and a class conscious alley. All children participated and were focused and enthusiastic. This gave us a small insight into the high quality of performance we can expect during our Christmas production. 
The children have been working really hard on their written methods for addition and subtraction. They have practiced the following methods; partitioning, number line and column. Some children consolidated their understanding during a game of 'Globetrotting'.
Year 4 Christmas production 'Straw and Order' - song files
Year 4 Christmas production 'Straw and Order' - song lyrics