Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Class 6A is taught by Mr Ahmed. Mrs Shah provides learning support in the class. 
Class 6DT is taught by Mrs Drake and Mrs Tandara. Miss Lindsey provides learning support in the class. 
This academic year, Year 6 will be supported by a teacher in training, Mr Liversage. 
This term in Year 6, we will be covering lots of exciting topics. For further details, please see the link below to our termly letter. 
IMPORTANT: Upcoming SATs - May 2022
Please click on the link below which provides information for parents and practice for SATs style Grammar questions. 
January 2022 - Look at some of these amazing and creative World War Two vehicle models! Well done all!
January 2022 - Year 6 were fortunate enough to participate in an Online Safety workshop where they learnt the importance of safety on the Internet. 
January 2022 - Year 6 learnt the difference between a series and parallel circuit and created their own testing difference variables!
January 2022 - Year 6 enjoyed their History lesson where they learnt key and important facts into the cause of World War 2. The children contributed by sorting out the events in chronological time order. 
January 2022 - Happy New Year! Our classrooms displays are up and ready for our new upcoming topics.
Recommended Reading 
We are often asked about recommending reading books for children in the year group. We would recommend the websites below for a great range of reading materials.
Please see below our year 6 spelling overview for Spring 2022.
December 2021 - The children enjoyed their 'School Hour' on Radio Christmas where they shared their Christmas jokes and were interviewed live on radio! 
December 2021 - Year 6 enjoyed re-enacting Henry's Freedom Box playscript during their Literacy lesson. 
December 2021 - Year 6 attended a live zoom call from the Jewish Museum. They enjoyed watching a live candle-lighting event followed by a song celebrating the Festival of Light as part of Hannukah.
November 2021 - Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum, London as part of their Science topic. They explored exhibitions linked to human evolution and did some research on Mary Anning. All the children were impeccably well-behaved and a credit to Woodside Junior School.

November 2021 - Thank you to the year 6 boys and Mrs Shah for leading the assembly on Diwali. The children enjoyed learning the importance of community during Diwali and were fascinated by the different items and props on display!

October 2021 - Year 6 have been designing and creating their own fossils made of clay as part of their Science topic on Evolution and Inheritance. 
October 2021 - Have a look at our classroom displays.
Please see below our year 6 spelling overview for Autumn 2021.