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Transition To Secondary Schools

A smooth transfer from Primary to Secondary school is important for children's progress and emotional well-being.  We maintain close liaison with all local grammar and upper schools to which most of our pupils transfer. Staff from most of the schools visit us to discuss the needs of the children and also to meet them and answer their questions. A countywide induction day is spent during the summer term for all Year 6 pupils at their future secondary school. 

Additionally, a range of practices are put in place by Woodside and secondary schools which help to support children's transitions.  These include:  the sharing of information between schools; visits to schools by prospective teachers, children and their parents; distribution of booklets; talks at the schools and joint events between schools (where appropriate).

Occasionally, some pupils experience an increased level of anxiety when faced with transition to their secondary placements. Parents may find the following website helpful in supporting their child's transition from primary school to secondary school.